By hazelh

Farewell avocado green bathroom

This morning, my not-so-little sister paid a visit to the anatomy exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, returned to our flat for lunch, then scooped up my mother and set off home to Northumberland.

As soon as the pair of them left, our real work of the day began. We have to empty three rooms at the back of the house in preparation for damp work and the refurbishment of our guest bathroom. We also need to ensure that our large hall is clear of all (precious, antique) obstacles to give the workers an easy route from the front of the house to the back.

Mr hazelh and I worked solidly for about four hours emptying shelves, cupboards and drawers, taking down pictures and fittings, disassembling furniture, finding temporary homes for bits and pieces, and making a wee pile of redundant belongings to go to the charity shop. At 6pm we'd had enough for one day and (uncharacteristically) went to the pub!

On the way out, Mr hazelh popped a huge bag of rubbish in our communal bin - and pulled out two orange Le Creuset pans, both in good condition. They have been added to my rainbow.

Our relaxing evening was somewhat in contrast with that of Mummy hazelh and my not-so-little sister. They had to call out the fire brigade to put out a chimney fire at my mother's house. See the flames in the extra.

My blip shows before and after photographs of the doomed bathroom. Although I would never have chosen an avocado suite myself, for the past 30+ years I have enjoyed the challenge of making it look the best it could, e.g. by adding the dark green tiles and tango accessories. I will also miss the size of the bath itself - it's a really good length.

Exercise today: 5k run; some walking (14,535 steps including run).

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