View from the croft gate

By Croftcrafts


Ti's plant sit at the side of the fire and I keep forgetting  to water it but it seams to be doing fine.
When I woke up the morning I felt as if there was a hair or something  in my left eye. I rubbed it but it got worse and then I could see out of it as everything was blurred. R came over but couldn't  see anything in it so I decided to phone the optician. He examined  it and gave me a few tests and said I probably had a dry eye and I had scratched the cornea so he gave me two lots of gel drops and told me to come back in two weeks. My right eye is fine for driving. It is a lot better tonight.
R took  me to Hobbycrafts as I wanted a few things. A was off today so arrived later
Magnus  was getting his flu  vaccination yesterday so R had prepped him about the nurse coming to the school. The children were all lined up and when it came to Magnus's  turn he told the nurse  that he had had his. They phoned R to see if that was true so she told them he hadn't  had it.

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