A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Derelict Sunday 318 :: DS318 :: Queues

Derelict Sunday Saturday is a mixed bag for me today. I had two vaccine jabs booked for this morning, the first my flu jab at the doctor's surgery and the other my covid jab at the old grammar school.

When I arrived at the doctors the road was log jammed and the queue must have been 300+ long winding past the building and down the next street! It appears they invited half of Northallerton to arrive at the same time*... I will book the jab with my local pharmacy which I know will have a set time.

The queue for my covid jab was far better. It is being given in part of the old grammar school which was closed last year and now derelict apart from the one building used for the jabs. It is my offering for this week's Derelict Sunday. There is a campaign to keep the grounds to be used as a public park but some have their eyes on building housing. I think we know who will win that battle... 

*Whilst in the queue at the school a lady arrived who said she waited over 2hrs to get her jab at the surgery. She did get both jabs so turned up to cancel the school jab. I had intended to do that but without a guarantee of the covid jab being on offer at the surgery and worried I'd miss my school appointment I picked covid. I couldn't have stood for that long anyway. 

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