Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

A trifle damp.

I was wondering whether I'd forgotten to empty the gauge.  However, the extra (Don't go if Arachnophobic) had ≈ the same amount of water in; as had "the big green thing with the broken handles".

I didn't, actually, count the spiders, but in excess of 3-4. It was rather odd in that they had no trouble galloping about on the surface tension, but drew the line at a moist surface.  I had to herd them across to where the wall/water joint was dry above water so they could climb up it.

The other "oddity"; which frequently gets Malapropped by me as either:-
A "Mag-tailed Rattock" OR a "Rag-tailed Mattock" is in fact a "Rat-tailed Maggot", a precursor of one of the Hover Flies, though what the great grey green greasy Limpopo it's doing up and about at this time of year is beyond me.


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