Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Siamo arrivati

Hope that’s correct - I’ve just been having a hilarious tri-lingual conversation downstairs with the manager and the girl at the desk who was helping me to connect to the hotel wifi. We drove to Altamura from Bari just as the sun was setting at the edge of this improbably flat limestone land, so I took this photo from the bus.

We’ve stayed here, in the Hotel San Nicola in Altamura, before; it was built as a “minor palace” in 1700 and the rooms - all different - are … eccentric. Not this time the lofty painted ceiling of our last stay, but a modern room with a small flight of stairs in it, beside which two wardrobes rear tantalisingly. Being smallish people, we can reach only the lower shelves …

This holiday (an HF holiday) is “cooking and walking “. Right now I’m stiff with food and longing for sleep. But first we have to solve the problem of Himself’s adaptor to recharge his phone; it seems not to be working.

Mine is. :-)

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