New Moose Enterprises

I was walking around my neighborhood again, as I do most days. And I came upon another table of Free Stuff, brought to us by the same people who put out MORE Free Stuff in the springtime (see stories here and here). And you know how I am: I am all about Other People's Stuff. Count me in!

I only had my camera bag and nothing else with me, so I had to carry the stuff I picked up back in my arms. It was an odd assortment of stuff, and awkward as all get-out, but I was pretty happy with my haul, so I toughed it out. Walk walk walk, shift stuff in hands, walk some more.

The Sock Monkey you see in this photo was one of the items I picked up the last time there was Free Stuff. Since then, Sock Monkey has taken an important place in our home. You may see Sock Monkey overseeing the meet-and-greet between T. Tiger and the New Moose, who does not actually have a name yet.

The New Moose, whom I looked up and found on Amazon, stands about 8 inches tall, but in person, he actually seems taller, I swear. "Beware any enterprise that requires the purchase of a New Moose," I said, sagely (intentionally misquoting the great H.D. Thoreau). But hey, this one was a freebie, so we are all free and clear!

I put this picture on my Facebook page, and both Sock Monkey and the New Moose got accolades. Everybody wants and needs a Sock Monkey, or so it seems. My friend from India noted that the New Moose is "a lovely addition to [my] community of curious, fantastic, and slightly bewildered creatures." Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! And there you have it!

Here is a welcome song for our New Moose: the Oak Ridge Boys, with Come On In.

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