My Day

Woke up at 430 for heaven's sake, and thrashed around for about an hour trying to fall asleep. How do you do that? I mean try to sleep. It's an on/off thing, but 430 is way too early for me. So after all that trying I got up and made a cake. After all the usual morning things I drove to physical therapy for yet another session where not much happened, so I told them I wasn't coming back. I have plenty of exercises from the PT who came to the house when I was convalescing; he presented things in an engaging positive way, whereas the clinic seemed bent on making me say that I was having Fun. They found it quaint that I said walking around in a circle for five minutes was boring. I spent a good deal of time explaining to the guy that I have never considered exercise Fun. I have a good time on most of my walks, but that's because other things happen; I don't go out the door bent on Exercise, I go to see what's out there. Anyway, it's a relief to be done with that place, although I don't know why I feel compelled to tell such a long story. 
They did put me on a treadmill, and then I came home and worked in the yard, cleaning up the area for a firewood delivery. The point of all this is to justify being tired and needing a nap before dinner.

The fruits are dogwood. The large one on the upper right is as big as a softball. Although they might look tempting, they are not food. I've never even seen an animal's toothmark on one of these. You've probably heard this before because I blip these every year. 

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