Open to interpretation

Arrived at our daughter's house before 8.00am today. Mr PP was ferrying her to a double appointment at the hospital (where, like all such places, parking's impossible), and I was baby-sitting till their return around 1.30pm. A long morning - but we had lots of things planned.

Activities began with making cupcakes from a boxed cake-mix. It had a Hallowe'en/space theme, with two sachets of decorative gel-icing provided While we waited for the buns to cool, and LMB examined the sachets, I read the instructions. I explained they said to spread the pink gel first and then dribble on the blue. Showing her excellent listening skills, she immediately dribbled spit on the outside of the unopened blue sachet and held it up proudly! :-))

The morning continued with arty crafty stuff and riding around the estate on her scooter, with words of encouragement to me to have a running race alongside. Certainly kept us warm. (The day had started bordering on frost - very nippy.) 

We stayed awhile after our daughter's return to give her time to recover and drink tea. Since we got home (when we both fell asleep briefly), Mr PP has cut the grass. No mean task! And now it's going dark ... which reminds me that last night's beautiful moon that hung above our back garden, remained beautiful over our front garden this morning. See my Extra. (OK, it doesn't change, but I still find it irresistible to photograph.)

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