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This is my sister. A successful young lady with an incredible understanding of food, restaurants and language. Like many siblings, there's always rivalry and we often bicker about many things, thankfully all in good fun. Sometimes when I win in a bicker-fest, which is very rarely, she often responds very humorously with a funny face, or says things like, "Like your FACE!" or "You're a butt!" or sings the chorus of Oklahoma from the musical. Sometimes a fart (that's usually the show stopper).

It's my last night in Melbourne and of course it was spent with my family. My sister, being the foodie that she is, cooked me my favourite dish, Chicken Pilaf. The first time I tried it was when she was doing a Nigella Lawson project many years ago where she did all the recipes from one of her book over the course of a year. For me, this dish stood out the most. She rarely cooks it because according to her it's too simple. Nonetheless, it's my favourite and she cooked it for the family and I. Needless to say my stomach is very happy.

She's a successful blogger on the side and has been published several times and has a substantial audience. She has been sponsored several times by certain companies and sometimes gets free products. There have been many times where eating out was made all the better because of the perks earned from her writing.

Check it out:
Sarah Cooks

You may be asking yourself about the song choice. Sarah is a funky dancer and a dexterous rapper to boot. Get her on 50 Cent tunes or old Black Eyed Peas (Behind the Front and Bridging the Gap only) and she's on fire!

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