Another beautiful and quiet day. I feel like there must be something I am forgetting to do - our calendar is so empty. It is Abi’s 19th birthday. We dropped off her gift last night in case she was going out with friends tonight. At that age, they always have plans. I used to make her a special birthday cake that matched whatever her party theme was. How quickly those times sped by. Did a bit of housework (dishes, laundry, etc) after breakfast. Went out looking for a blip and found this dainty blue salvia. Got distracted looking for a quote. I guess most flowers have a “meaning.” I knew red roses stood for love and yellow was friendship but beyond that, was clueless. When you give someone blue salvia, your message is “thinking of you.” So that’s my message to blipland today. I will be thinking of you as I check out your journals today, hoping you are each feeling healthy and joyful. Hubby cut the grass in our garden, maybe for the last time this season. He researched anti-virus software for our electronic devices and settled on McAfee. Norton is acting strange and we are unable to get to most web sites that we go to all the time. It has got to go. He also got our rotisserie chicken for dinner. The sides will be easy to make. Wishing you all a fun weekend ahead with the people you love. We are going to a KofC fundraiser tomorrow and will miss Brooklyn’s soccer game unfortunately. Why must special events alway have to be scheduled for the same time? Thanks for dropping by and leaving all the stars and comments. “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

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