By AnneILM60

Witches Brew Fringe Necklace

I really didn’t get much accomplished this morning as I had to head out early as I was meeting Birgit at her office at 11:00 am for an early lunch.

Birgit had an early afternoon appointment with a client and I needed to be ready to get my brother as he rolled into town.

I had just settled down to read while waiting for my brother to arrive when he texted me that there were issues with the trailer he had just picked up.

He was only two & half hours away but he could have been thousands of miles away. He was at a shop waiting for the trailer to be dealt with.

He texted me at 4:30 pm to say they had finally put the trailer in the shop so he’d be there overnight. Bummer.

I set myself up for bead weaving and got on with this month’s project box “Witches Brew Fringe Necklace”. I’ve completed the center section with all the fringe pieces.

It’s Friday once again so Happy Weekend Everyone ;-)

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