By Ingleman

Darling Happy Anniversary

A momentous day in the history of Ingleman. 

45 years ago to this very day, I turned to my lady and said "I do"

And on that night, we travelled in a little Hillman Imp van to our honeymoon accommodation, in a 'tied cottage' on the side of the Clee Hills in Shropshire. It was quaintcient! Mostly timber and wattle and daub. No running water. No bathroom facilities. Just a China bowl on a Welsh dressing table and a chemical toilet in a shed down the garden.

We loved it. It had no electricity, just gas mantles for lighting and open log fires in every room for warmth. It was a misty moisty October day. Our wedding photographs were done by Alan Lord, an award winning photographer. We had a cine film taken of the day which we have not looked at in 44 years. I found it during the clear out of the loft. In preparation for our house move. To a bungalow which sits in an elevated position,  with a panoramic view of the Clee Hills. Where we spent our honeymoon.

45 years ago to this very day.

And the question she asked me?

Do you know how to use an iron.?

I am wandering.. My blip is a very special one to me. In our move to the Shropshire countryside we have adopted a pub. Adoption can be very expensive!

In the first image is a painting. And in the second a photograph.

Our favourite pub, beautifully depicted by fellow blipper NatureWatcher. She kindly offered to paint the image as a gift. And then took time out to meet me and hand over the painting.

How kind.

This sort of thing touches me and I can't thank you enough for such a personal and generous gesture.

Simple things.... 

And a big thank you to Mrs I. A lifetime of devotion, unconditional love, forbearance, forgiveness and sheer staying power.

You deserve a medal. 

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