By Ingleman

Refuge, for a Refugee

Nice benign day today with a pleasant breeze and some lovely Autumn sunshine. The blip is a small shrub which I believe is Viburnum Tinus (Lauratinus) which has a nice story behind it.

I saw a broken pot in a skip in the spring of this year. I liked it, and believed it was repairable. So I rescued it. There were two parts and they glued together almost seamlessly, and the pot is now home to a flourishing Hosta in our back garden.

At the time of rescuing the pot, there was a straggly little shrubby plant that was probably in the pot originally, and had been discarded. I thought nothing of it. I didn't want a dead thing, but the pot was a bargain.

Six months later, the skip was still there, but with considerably more junk and discarded trash than it had earlier. And I noticed something poking out from the depths of the skip. A bright green leaf. What on earth....

I carefully picked away at the rubbish and gently exposed a beautiful and healthy shrub, growing in its own root ball and all the crap, in the skip. 

It melted my heart and I believed it was calling out for help. So I helped it. It is now in our garden, in a beautiful spot, part sun, part shade. And it has a second chance. 

It makes me happy,.. Simple pleasures. 

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