By Memories4Me

Which Witch?

Sometimes you find a really wonderful book and sometimes that book finds you.  When I visited my friend recently, we went to see her daughter.  She had bought this book and started to read it and thought, Patricia should have this!  So that's how this wonderful book came to me.  It is about the witch hunts in Scotland, the Salem trials and Nathanial Hawthorne.  I love it!  (Historical fiction is my favorite genre.)  So, as John continued the cutback, I put out a few Halloween yard decorations.  Afterall, a cousin of mine, Ann Foster, was charged with witchcraft in Salem but died in prison before she could be hanged.  I've also included in the collage the witch memorial in Perthshire, Scotland that I visited in 2018.    If you wish to read about Cousin Ann, here's a link to her story.

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