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By Wendles56

CompassSport Cup

Today was the CompassSport Cup, our annual inter Club competition.  Small and large orienteering clubs compete in rounds to reach the final of the Cup and Trophy, this year held at Devilla Forest in Kincardine, Scotland.

Tony and I were running the same course and he finished in second place giving him 99 points towards our Club total.  I managed to score too and secure 79 points.  Our Club finished fourth, despite have the same points total as Lakeland, don't know how that works?!  Kiteseeker came in ahead of me by just 53 seconds, one of these days K!

My blip is a nod to Forth Valley Orienteering Club who kindly gave me their Friend of FVO Award yesterday, thank you folks!  This is several of them cheering in a team mate.  They finished in second place overall.

A smashing day catching up with folks and trying hard to take decent photographs in ever changing light.  We now have a couple of touristy days before heading home.

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