Jinny Greenteeth Lives Here

 In our new life in the Shropshire countryside, we are beginning to understand more about our immediate area. Such as the best pubs. The impressive range of listed buildings: in our village, in the wider area of Corvedale, and Shropshire as a whole. There are castles, manorial lands with large houses, seemingly endless acres of agricultural land, farms, hills, forests, rivers and lakes. It is close to being paradise compared to where we lived before.

There are myths and legends also. The image I have posted is of a well, behind locked gates and in a quiet little backwater rarely visited. It is a tranquil pool of crystal clear water surrounded by green trees and hedgerow. It is marked as 'well'  on the OS map but I can find out no more information. No history, no local information, no facts. No gossip.

Other than if you get too close Jinny Greenteeth will get you.

You have been warned.... 

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