A day in the life

By Shelling


This Tuesday has been varied. Slow start, long breakfast and then several hours of editing an old recording from1990 when David Kettlewell, Karin, Johan and myself was performing a baroque-music concert in the Kalmar castle. I haven't heard it since the time of the recording and was surprised of the musical quality. The tape quality is very bad and has a lot of background noise that is hard to get rid of, that's what the editing is about.

Lunch at half past two and by then I was fed up by sitting down so it was time for a walk round one of my old favourite paths through The Grove. I've visited this old deserted house before but not during autumn I think, the light and the colours are so different whatever time of year it is and today was one of those still, quiet, cloudy autumn afternoons. 
The house is probably from right after the turn of the twentieth century, built in an old style. The woodwork in the walls use an old cassette technique, often seen here on Öland, where you slide the coarse planks into the slots on each side of the poles, then continue with the next cassette and so on until you have the frame of a house. 

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