By AnneILM60


These are the last roses, regular & miniature, before we get our first frost tonight.

I was outside this morning checking the hydrangeas and picking up small debris left behind by the tree guys. There wasn’t a lot but there was stuff that needed picking up and put on the burn pile.

It was chilly enough that in order to tolerate sitting outside for a bit, I had to get out my knitted cardigan. It finally got up to 64°F/18°C and in the sun, I could sit without my cardigan on. Today, I was binge watching “The Watcher” on Netflix.

Mid-afternoon I came inside and began to work on a new bead weaving project, Rattan bracelet. This is something my Mum wanted to do but her eyes and hands have gotten too poorly. I’ll do one for her and if I really like it, do one for myself.

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