By dunkyc


In the absence of a genuine reason for doing so, I haven’t been in the office for a while.

However, with a holiday looming next week meaning that the absence would be prolonged, I felt that I should pop in for at least a couple of hours to show my face and demonstrate to a few of my colleagues that I did still work there. 

I made it until midday and without a reason to linger, I left and met LadyV who had kindly provided lunch for us which we munched whilst looking at over a very wild and woozly Morecambe Bay. I think she’s trying to fatten me up as a belgian bun was also made available…

Reluctantly, I headed for home and worked my way through the remainder of the afternoon before the children drifted home.

The Youngest wanted to do some homework, so sat up at my desk and looked quite content as she set about her tasks with the fire crackling away behind her.

The Blip account of the wee ones has unfortunately been discontinued as it was causing some “issues” elsewhere, but thank you for the support that you gave them in their short foray into this nicest of social media sites. 

For balance, my sister has now set sail on her Blip voyage and you can find her account here!

I think I’ve done really well not to mention the fact that the Tories are dissolving like an alka seltzer in an acid bath…

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