A day in the life

By Shelling

When I'm cleaning windows

I've been pushing cleaning the windows, ahead of me for a week now but this morning I woke up to the first visible frost in the grass so, today is the day for it. My Geraniums needs to come in because they won't stand the frost for very long, the windows needs to be cleaned before they come in, otherwise I have nowhere to put them.
The cleaning took most of the day. I started by ten o'clock and had done them all by four in the afternoon, lunch and coffee brakes included. My extra brags about the result, the window is actually closed and the specs are flies outside dancing around in the mild afternoon sun.
Some of the Geraniums found a new home in the cellar, I have a few too many to fit in the window sills, the rest of them can spend winter down there, I think it's frost-free.

In the evening I was invited for a meeting with Marianne, who runs the garden concerts and who I help with posters and sound-help, when she needs it. This years summer season has been a bit shorter than usual since the last two of five concerts had to be cancelled. One because of too few tickets being sold, the other because Marianne got ill. We talked about her thoughts around the coming season and she will probably give it a rest next year, she feels tired and have lost some of her drive, for several reasons. I support her decision about where her energy has to go and I don't mind a summer season free of duties in her garden, if that is what is going to happen, or not happen. There's so much going on at this island in the summer, that it will be nice to have time to be a consumer instead of laying lots of energy in producing events that might be cancelled in lack of audience.  Time will tell, at least I feel I clear-sighted at the moment.

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