A day in the life

By Shelling

Shady Burgers

I was in town most of the day to prepare for my job as a sound technician at the theatre. The stage is only some months old and it's got new equipment that I haven't worked with so I brought my own mixer today to see if I could connect it to the stages speaker system which went fine, so I can be a bit more relaxed about that. Then I spent some time learning about the new system and I'm glad I don't have to use it on the first concert on Tuesday, because I won't hav enough time to handle it confidently. The stage is an extra today.

I had lunch in Kalmar and then had vision control at the optician to check my eyesight. I think the world has turned a notch more blurry lately, and I don't mean politics. I was right about that, after all it is my eyes, and at the same time a got a lot poorer because of buying a pair of new glasses. £600, to be precise. Plus a personality change. I asked the optician to suggest something different for me and she did. The glasses wouldn't have been my first choice, in fact I probably wouldn't have even seen them, but I kind of liked them and I hope my friends will still recognise me.  

On my way to the car, I noticed the whole town is packing up their outdoor seating, nobody will probably use them until April next year.

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