By TrishaR


Look at the grey sky!

We left Perth around 8:30 for the Glasgow University Open Day. Just Cameron Laura and myself. The weather was atrocious and C and I had to jump out letting Laura look for a parking space (difficult).

The place was mobbed! Cameron checked in and got his tote bag for all the various pieces of literature at the various points. The first talk was on student accommodation and the cost of it (Eeek)! Thankfully in Scotland we don’t have tuition fees for those living in Scotland (clap clap). While in that talk Cameron informed me that he has changed his mind about studying Forensics (Good) and after going to a Dr Brian Cox talk is now set on Physics/AstroPhysics. Much better for his skill set and more varied opportunities for jobs. His mum didn’t know this either we found out when we met up after parking the car.

Next we went to the stand where the lecturers of each course was set up and had a good talk with one of them. C could start Uni immediately with his 5 A’s but it’s not great to start at 17 in my opinion - that extra year at school is more beneficial and also getting him his further A’s and advanced highers.

I didn’t go to the next talk I was starving so went to a cafe then L and C joined me afterwards.

Next was a talk in a lecture theatre from two 4th pupils of the physics/AP course which was mobbed - seems like lots of youngsters keen on this.

After this was a tour of the massive Sports Centre shown round by one of the workers there.

Time for home. C got a lot out of this Open Day and I was also amazed at the amount of degree courses and the numbers of people there!

Next up is Edinburgh with his Dad on 5 November. I hope he chooses Glasgow though. We will see.

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