The weather this morning was OK for a walk so we went to Limekilns and had a walk on the Fife Coastal Path. The Scouts are responsible for this jolly kayak planter which is still flowering well.

On the way back we stopped for coffee and, on the basis of 'feed a cold' I had a delicious confection called a Jamaretti (extra). Just right for the occasion. I was coughing during the night so I did a covid test. Negative today but I'll keep an eye on things. I think it is just a cold though.

I've started the ball rolling about where to go next year with my four friends. We had planned a really luxurious break for 2023 but with covid and the way all our finances are going we are having a re-think. We are to nominate our top three. Mine are in, in descending order of excitement. Can't wait to see what the others come up with.

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