Open Streets

Stirling's first Open Streets Festival is on today. I'm not quite sure what these two were up to but they were wandering around on stilts entertaining people. We went and had a wander about, not on stilts, but it was slightly damp and not that great for stopping at the various stalls.

Prior to this we'd been at an informal drop in for anyone living in the locality. Like lots of neighbourhoods we have a lively and active WhatsApp group. We see people's names on the messages and pass folk in the streets. This was a chance to put names to faces and faces to names. A great idea.

Otherwise this is a quiet day and I'm appreciating that. I've a few things to do but nothing is urgent. I'm trying not to get exercised by the political situation though that's hard. Apparently I have Johnson Derangement Syndrome  which you can read about on the link. Warning: it takes you to the Conservative Home site. I'll leave you to guess which kind of JDS I endure. 

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