This jolly ceramic apple bird feeder was a birthday present from my granddaughters. Very well chosen. My birthday was a couple of months ago and it's taken the birds a bit of time to get the hang of it. They seem to be doing well now though with this bluetit having a good go at the peanuts. Or maybe there's been enough insect, seed and berry offerings. Now's the time to start supplementing the garden birds' diet. I'm hoping that autumn will see the return of the goldfinches which have been absent for months. Starlings too though I'm quite sure they'll put in an appearance soon.

Awake early and I had a few shots at the moon again. But, although the sky was more interesting than yesterday, the photos didn't turn out as well. Can't keep on blipping the moon though I find it a fascinating subject - not necessarily for photography but as a lump of rock in the sky. I did a moon MOOC a few years ago though I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten most of what I learned. I should revisit it. Thanks for all the positive comments on yesterday's moon blip.

I''m heading out to the pharmacy soon (I'm fortunate to get bread and flour on prescription. Thank you NHS) and I think I'll enquire about a 'flu vaccination. I can't make out what's what with the health board except that I know it is under enormous strain. When I'll be offered the covid booster is an unknown.

Wishing you a good weekend.

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