Waning Gibbous

It's just another moon blip which I caught as it dipped below the autumn foliage. Not that fascinating but easy. Last night as I walked to the CC meeting the full moon looked wonderful as the clouds cleared round it. This morning it is setting and is just past its fullest.

Thanks for the good wishes and apologies for scant attention to blip yesterday. I sat at a safe distance from everyone else last night but from what was said a good few others have fallen foul of this cold. Anyway I was lucky to sit right under a heater but, even on a fairly mild night, after two hours in a gazebo I was pretty chilled.

Today I'm meeting D., still guidedog-less, to introduce her to my hairdresser, make an appointment then go for coffee. I've done a lateral flow test (negative) in preparation. This afternoon I plan to get some spring bulbs planted. I don't think I've ever been so behind with this.

I'm hoping to hear about my covid booster and flu vaccinations appointment soon. I don't know what is happening locally. The way things are going it looks as if we're in for another tough winter.

Happy 17th Birthday to Blipfoto. I really can't imagine life now without my daily photo and narrative. I'm so glad I was persuaded to join. It's the nicest place on the web for sure. I'm not always pleased with the technical merits of my blip images but they always mean something to me. Huge thanks to everyone who plays a part in keeping the show on the road.

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