By PicturePoems

Reds indoors and out

Even on a wet day, the garden looks beautiful. I'm enjoying the complementary reds of a new flower on my Anthurium (indoors) and bright red leaves (outdoors) of what I think is a Berberis. Not to mention all the other lovely autumn colours! Am also adopting smug-mode for having achieved stuff in the garden on yesterday's one day of dry, sunny weather. (The sun does keep breaking through for seconds at a time, so still hoping I might plant some bulbs before dark.)

Mr PP is busy in the garage finishing off restoring and painting our big book shelves. Hard to believe that small-print on the paint tin advises the shelves should not be used for another three weeks. Modern paint is very delicate, it seems. Really looking forward to our library coming out of boxes and back at our fingertips.

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