The last of the flowers

Woke up to heavy rain this morning, racing down the new tarmac of the drive. It gave up after a while, but the day has remained dull with odd showers now and then. I've been continuing the long job of going through all my pictures from my recent week-plus in London - a lot to do! 

Next weekend we have a man coming to replace part of our decking which has been slowly deteriorating over the last few years. This means moving all the bread crates of potted plants on to the part of the deck which is not being worked on - dragging along the slippery wood isn't the easiest of jobs. Next spring I must have a major planting effort, assuming that my hip has stopped playing up by then!

Still a few flowers still out here and there - several pelargoniums in the planters, sweet peas, my lovely Bomarea edulis, the odd antirrhinum, a few flowers left on Jasminum polyanthum, ditto on Trachelospermum jasminoides ‘White Wings’  and this little rose, which is growing in a planter under the low trellis beside the deck. It's Rosa 'Pink Flower Carpet', not the most imaginative of names, but an attractive little flower.

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