Lost in Thought

By steveng

Potty Talk! (EB)

Our small printer, the one we use for simple documents,is showing a message saying the waste ink pads are nearing the end of their life and we should contact Epson,  perhaps they really mean:  give them money?

Changing the pads does not look too onerous so for ~£20 I might as well give it a go.    The 'potty' refers to the plastic container the pads sit in,  when the printer cleans its heads the waste ink is discharged into it. It is possible to replace the internal container with an external version on the end of a short plastic pipe - sounds like a recipe for spilled ink?

There is a single use code and some software too - needed to reset the waste ink message.

The kit arrived this morning, while I was involved in a zoom call, delivered to a house around the corner,  but apparently I signed for it.  My Tardis is available for hire :-)

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