Blip definitely makes you bolder and being bolder throws up some interesting surprises! I nipped into Durrus to buy a paper and as I came out spotted this trio of what looked to be like English Morris persons enjoying a pint outside the Sheep's Head bar - not a sight you see very often in deepest west Cork. I had to investigate - it turns out they were German journeywomen!! One was a stone mason, another a carpenter and the third a stone waller. They were travelling around Ireland following an ancient tradition that dated back 800 years; this is what wikipedia has to say:
In parts of Europe, as in later medieval Germany, spending time as a wandering journeyman (Wandergeselle), moving from one town to another to gain experience of different workshops, was an important part of the training of an aspirant master. Carpenters in Germany have retained the tradition of travelling journeymen even today

Their clothes distinguished them as journeywomen and were amazing - waistcoats, corduroy trousers, top hats. I asked if I could take a photo and gave them a blipcard, saying if they were passing to pop in! A very unexpected and interesting encounter.

My trip to Durrus was completed by a visit to the charity shop where I got two frocks for 10 euro - one from Jigsaw and one from Monsoon - bargain!

Travelling Man - and he's French, so I'm being very cosmopolitan today

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