By AnneILM60

A Birthday well spent

Today was Kent’s birthday and so we started our day by going to the polls so that he could participate in early voting.

The two of us then treated ourselves to manicures & pedicures! And in case that wasn’t decadent enough, we then went to The Oceanic for lunch and sat outside on the pier.

It was 72°F/22°C but there was enough ocean breeze that I needed the sunshine to be comfortable. The water looked gorgeous and the water temperature is still 70°F/21°C!

Although we told no one we were coming, and due to many being sick, we couldn’t visit with them, we drove up to Deep Run. It was a real pleasant afternoon drive and we were able to drop off a couple of items we had for Kent’s eldest brother and his wife. Kent also stopped by his parents’ gravesite for a moment.

It was a very pleasant day and just spending the day together I enjoyed talking when we wanted to and being comfortable with any periods of silence.

In extras is the Van Gogh rubber duck that my nephew sent Kent for his birthday, to add to his collection!

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