By JohnW

Fed-up Flower Friday.

Well I suppose there had to be a balance from yesterday.
Things weren’t going too bad until I got a reply from the company that supplied Mrs W’s falls watch.  With a name like theirs you would think it would be easy enough.
Soon after we had it we found the battery was only lasting a few hours.  The technical bod at the company explained that if it could not get a GPS signal then it would just keep trying no mater what time interval you had the GPS tracking set too.  Solution – turn off the GPS tracking when you don’t need it.  Perfect, we virtually never need it.
In June this year we had the tracking on for a short time, but when we went to turn it off, the command to do this had disappeared.  It took until today to find out that the manufacturers had “removed the command for security”. . .   What has made matters worse the so called ‘technical expert’ gave us a whole load of spiel about sim cards which bore little or no resemblance to the root of the problem.  My last two emails were broadsides.  We are looking for a new falls alarm, and may well claim on ‘not fit for purpose’ for the watch.
So what about the rest of the day.  Well I put a load of washing in and forgot my rough sweatshirt – it went in late and at least got a rinse.  Then after it all come out of the tumble drier I found a wet sock by the washing machine.
I thought of trading in my Canon EOS R in for an EOS R6.  I was just at the buying stage when I found the EOS R6 was only 20 megapixels and my EOS R is 30 megapixels.  I think I would rather keep that than the extra functions with the R6.  Another dead end, although the spec of the R7 looks interesting even if it is with a cropped sensor  but still 32 megapixels.
Anyway, our white snap dragon is still flowering, so it leant itself for Flower Friday.  Many thanks to Annie for hosting.
And I’m still sulking . . .

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