By spannarama


Had an OK sleep last night, but took me a while to drift off without Tim here, so I was glad of the extra hour in bed with the clocks going back.  While I was coming to this morning, I spotted a squirrel having its breakfast in the tree outside, and took several photos from my bed.  (Bed and breakfast, hehe.)  I had plenty of time - those seeds must taste amazing, because it was there for a good 45 minutes!

Had a bit more oomph once I was up and about, so did a few useful tasks (unloading the dishwasher, recycling a load of junk mail, watering the plants).  Called my Mum a little later on for a nice chat, and was just wrapping up with her when Tim arrived back at lunchtime :)

Chopped up a load of stuff for the slow cooker (a massive batch of veggie sausage casserole), and set that going - then had a more relaxed afternoon, catching up on photos and buying a birthday present for my sister.

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