By Colstro

Safdarjang's Tomb

BA didn't provide the best service last night, not serving the meal until 2.5 hours after take-off, leaving only around 3 hours to try and grab some sleep before waking up to breakfast and landing at Delhi. 

However, still managed to see a couple of sites in Delhi this afternoon before our evening meal and a much needed sleep in a proper bed.

This photo was taken by positioning the camera on the floor (I didn;t have the tripod with me this afternoon), setting it on a delayed release, and letting in go. This guy walked into the picture while the camera was still on delay and waited there until after the shutter had fired, obviously believing he was out of shot.  I was quite grateful he appeared, but wish I had positioned the camera to get his feet in.

My blips over the next couple of weeks are likely to be brief and hardly edited.  Short nights and busy days.

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