Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit


The Gabbahey flower as I now think of it because she captures it so exquisitely.

Osteospernum flower essence helps to connect you to the divine flow of energy or abundance. When we are 'in the flow' everything happens synchronistically; we meet the right people, we go to the right places, all our needs are met and life feels simple. Often though, we go against the flow: trying to force things through will or impatience, or by not listening to our soul's attempts to guide us. Often this block occurs on a deep level, because we don't believe we are deserving of bliss. These unacknowledged feelings block our ability to receive our abundance of love, money and all the other things we need.

Osteospernum flower essence
beautifully brings us into the flow; enabling us to receive and open up to others.

The flower is so open it's like a heart full of love, but the bud behind is tighter with petal spikes around it as it's yet to come into bloom. Osteospernum will help your heart to blossom from constriction to openness; open to receive all the good things in life.

Many people find it easier to give than to receive. If you find it hard to receive compliments or to accept offers of help it is a good clue that osteospernum would help you. Practice accepting graciously in all aspects of your life, always give thanks and share lovingly with others.

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