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By flowerspirit

Wild Iris (Yellow Flag)

Dr Edward Bach who discovered the Bach Flower Remedies believed that people fit into 7 main personality categories and one of these is people who have overcare and concern for others. Wild Iris is the Karmic essence that treats people whose concern for others is very deep-rooted.

Many of us have deep feelings of responsibility for the wellbeing of others and these feelings have a root in genuine care and love. However these feelings of responsibility can make us try to direct or control the behaviour of other people. This pattern can manifest as the over-caring mother, the over-helpful employee, the domineering parent - all of whom think that their way is best and they can't bear to let people find their own way or make their own mistakes.

A classic conversation between me and one of my lovely over-caring sisters:
Me: Stop trying to control my life.
Sister: But I'm just trying to help!

I saw the Wild Iris pattern very clearly yesterday with someone who is convinced they are right and need to tell others how to do things. From my heart I can see that this comes from their deep feelings of responsibility for others, but it still pushes a button for me because I have grown up with this energy.

Today I saw the flip side in a situation where I was 'only trying to help' and my help was not welcomed! I carry these feelings of responsibility for others too. If you find yourself 'only trying to help' people by giving advice, knowledge or sorting things out for them and feel very disgruntled when it's not accepted, then you will benefit from Wild Iris. Everyone needs to follow their own path without control from others - that's true freedom.

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