Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit


Geum rivale - also known as water avens or purple avens; this is an unassuming little flower with an important role. Geum flower essence works on the issue of confidence damaged in childhood, helping to restore self-respect and a blossoming of self.

Many things can dent your confidence in childhood - dynamics with parents, teachers, siblings and situations where you didn't get enough encouragement at the time. If these feelings of low-confidence stay with you into adulthood leaving you vulnerable and unsure of yourself then geum will help.

Taking geum flower essence restores inner confidence and strength enabling you to stand tall with certainty.

This was photographed by a stream outside Lochgoilhead, Argyll - I found it when I had to pull the car over due to a crisis of confidence prompted by scary single-track road reversing incident! What a find, I got back in the car confidence restored after spotting it.

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