One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Competition time!

I was recently reminded by Kim's explosion of autumnal colours (ok, ok, fall and colors...) that a short drive to and long walk in the Devil's Glen could be a good idea. 
It was! 
There were few takers but I am used to this now and a solitary walk it was. I don't mind. It allows me time to think about my Dad, for this was his true habitat. Especially a forest in autumn after the rain. 

And I was inordinately happy to spot not one but four different red squirrels. They were very busy stocking up for the winter. 

The first blipper to spot the red squirrel in extra #1 wins a kitten in mint condition. 
And as a consolation prize, extra #2 is the proof that the reds are still alive and kicking (this is not a midget grey with his coat dyed!). 
It would be great if the population of reds could make a come back. They've been more or less wiped out by the grey bastards, three times their size... 

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