By fitzbilly

Tree Shadows

I went out today with the intention of getting some pylon shots for Wide Wednesday to suit the theme of structural/geometrical. I liked this image best though. The sun came out for about 3 minutes and cast these really long tree shadows. They looked best in a mono edit. I'm still tagging it as there are some interesting geometrical patterns there.

In other news the gasman came this morning, but of course couldn't find anything wrong with the central heating. There were no obvious clues as to why it is occasionally tripping the RCD. We really need it to fail totally so they can come back and identify which part or circuit is at fault. As usual you get an automated phone call afterwards asking you to rate the visit. You have to do it or it just keeps calling you back. I don't mind giving a rating, but then you are asked to record your explanation of why you gave that score. Grrr. I refuse to speak to a computer. Apart from Alexa that is.

The bank switch seems to have gone smoothly. I actually used the card reader I blipped yesterday. First impressions are that is easier to use than having to remember various digits of your passcode and then wait for an SMS.

Historical Society this evening which we can go to now as we aren't going to see Seth Lakeman. It will still be a musical evening though, Gloucestershire Wassails and Carols by the Shepherds Crook Choir. Doesn't sound like my sort of thing really, but it will only be an hour and it's only a 2 minute walk away for us so there is time for a beer and some Champions League football when we get home.

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