Sunset Under The Wire

Long day today, hence the back blip.

After breakfast we went for a bike ride. It was glorious weather and completed our 20 km loop in just under 1 hour. There were loads of fellow cyclists of all shapes and sizes, a few pedestrians and a lone horse & rider. Other than two utter ******** even most of the car drivers were polite and didn't try to kill us.

We then went into town to buy DIY stuff - which even with a list never seems to end up with what you want... After the shopping trip it was back to the floor to insulate under it and lagging the central heating pipes properly. After various things were put in place we had indeed forgotten some things and another trip into town is in order.

Late in the day I grabbed this quick sunset blip from the upstairs window, which includes an overhead telephone line right across the view - which sums up my experience with DIY...

We then watched some TV while I tried to get some new features on the upgraded software on my laptop to play ball.

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