Today started with a visit from the Green Building Store to show us their triple glazing units. We need new windows but they are so expensive that I don't want to buy without having seen and touched them.

After that it was to the living room, to insulate under it's floor. After buying loads of fancy floor screws yesterday it now seems that there is sufficient clearance under this floor for my better half to squirm under and insulate without ripping the floor up. So it will be back to ScrewFix to try out their returns policy.

In the middle of the day a UPS man turned up with a small parcel. A few weeks ago I noticed that my fantastic Logitech Trackman that I bought to reduce wrist strain was not working as perfectly as it use too. The left button was not working reliably, which isn't so good for a mouse. I contacted their support line to ask if they had any of the model lurking in stock I could buy, as I knew it was out of guarantee and no longer on sale. After a few emails they put me though to their warranty team who sent out a new one. The new one has a blue ball rather than a red one and it's wireless (which I don't actually need) but otherwise very similar.

1) I think Logitech Trackmanball pointing devices are brilliant, much better than a mouse for most things.

2) I think Logitech had a better than expected customer support team and when I buy other stuff I will choose theirs.

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