There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Colors' Last Dance in the Scotia Barrens

The foliage colors are wrapping up their great show right now in central Pennsylvania. We've witnessed a lot of really beautiful sights this autumn. In fact, it was one of our very best and most glorious shows ever. I hope you got to go outside and see some too!

On this day, my husband and I were in the Scotia Barrens. He was jogging and I was hiking, with camera. I have made it a personal mission to find and document the last of the colors, and so here is a shot for you: some pretty yellows and burnt siennas near the Tow Hill parking lot.

Autumn has been such a joyful time, and I am trying not to focus on the long slide into dry, crispy brown leaves that awaits us now. No no, I am not thinking of that. I can't. I won't.

Instead, I am dancing! And I am watching the colors as THEY have their last dance too. Yes, oh, YES!, to one last beautiful dance before the band stops playing and everybody goes home. . . .

The soundtrack song . . . I couldn't decide between these two, so here's a bonus: we get to listen to them both! First is Donna Summer, with Last Dance. Second is pianist George Winston, with Colors/Dance.

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