View Across the Bridge at Millbrook Marsh

I had plans to meet a friend in town for lunch, and after that, I headed for Millbrook Marsh to check things out. You could say I have not been there much lately, and that would be true. I visited the marsh twice in 2020, and not at all so far in 2021!

When I visited in January 2020, I discovered that the boardwalk had broken in several places and they had closed part of it. In October, parts of it had reopened, but the bridge across Thompson Run was still closed off.

Well, the latest news is that bridge is still closed off, but I was able to lean through the hole in the barrier to get a few shots of the bridge over the run, so that is my photo above. That is our famous Mount Nittany in the distance.

T. Tiger and I did not escape without incident. There is a new statue of an extinct bird by the entrance to the marsh, and it is a heath hen. That extinct bird tried to eat my Tiger! "You spit that Tiger out!" I shouted, and it did.

On our way back from our walk, we stopped and posed for a selfie with the heath hen, and we had a good laugh over the earlier "misunderstanding." But I noticed T. Tiger wasn't laughing at all! I thought you'd enjoy seeing that selfie, so I've put it in the extras.  

Now, I'd like to note that every time T. Tiger and I go to town, my husband shakes his head and warns us, "Don't get arrested." But he never said ANYthing about not getting EATEN! And by an extinct bird, no less! Sheesh!  ;-)

The soundtrack song has to be about bridges, so here's a favorite. And I'll never forget seeing the Eagles and hearing them sing it live, in person. Just a capella voices out of the darkness to open the second set, and this was the song. Every single note was clear and beautiful and pure. It gave me CHILLS. The Eagles, with Seven Bridges Road.

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