There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh, October 1

My errands on this day took me into town. And so I got dressed up, and put on some shoes (over-rated, I must say), and drove my own car, and listened to music, loud, like I used to. Things felt almost normal again!

I swung by Millbrook Marsh, a place I had not visited since January, when I arrived there only to discover that the boardwalk was almost completely closed, due to some breakage and sagging of the boards.

This time, the boardwalk was open, at least in part. The pretty little wooden bridge over Thompson Run is closed, though, as is that section of the boardwalk. I have read that they plan to conduct a study on what to do about the boardwalk: one option, which I do NOT favor, is to remove it entirely! Yikes! Please, NO!!!

I also made time, on my way out of town, for a quick stop at the Arboretum. Construction continues on the new pollinator gardens, and they are making good progress. The lily pond is nearly done, and the lotus is gone now from the waters.

There are gourds a-plenty scattered in pleasing arrangements all through the gardens, and the colors are looking really nice. There are small sunflowers in all the planters and they shine with the light of a hundred tiny suns. In the extras, I have included a shot of the children's garden and the Glass House.

My tune for the day is a song for adventuring: on such a pretty morning, as Josh Turner asks, Would You Go With Me?

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