Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Early Morning Inversion

I took a look through the curtains early morning and spotted the mist lying along the beck...blipped and back to bed.  Better on black.

We were out to Brayton Barff after breakfast for an orienteering event.  Tony found an old map of the area from a competition in 1981 which should have warned us why we hadn't returned!!  It is a small area, basically the only hill for some miles around, wooded.....and brambled.  Think the species of bramble which kept visitors from knocking on  Sleeping Beauty's door and then some.  On my course the Planner had done his best to keep us out of the worst of the undergrowth but at one point I went off on the wrong path and tried to correct by going across a bramble patch.  Big mistake, I was wrapped round by thick hooked tendrils, reminiscent of Bush Lawyer from our NZ adventure.

On the positive side we had fresh air and exercise, and were close enough to Mary's to call in for a cuppa and catch up on the way home.

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