By Ingleman


Facts: Wolverhampton's West Park is splendid. It was opened in 1881. It was built on what used to be Wolverhampton Racecourse (now relocated)  It has a Grade ll listed bandstand and a Victorian Conservatory both of which can be seen on this old postcard which also features wildfowl on one of the 8 acres of ornamental lakes. And by the way. It is splendid.

Talking of racecourses, my lovely mum used to have friends who owned a racehorse and it had some success, although she only ever lost money on it so it wasnt that good really. But one of her party pieces (mum loved a party) was to stand up and recite a little ditty, then sit down and wait for the tumultuous applause....

It went like this....

'One One' was a racehorse.
'One Two' was one too.
'One One ' won a race one day.
'One Two' won one too.

I bloody miss my mum.

Anyone interested in the history and assets of the splendid West Park can check it out here.,_Wolverhampton

It is splendid, honestly.

And its not an old postcard. Its one I made earlier today.

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