Finally out with my camera again!

Do you have the kind of mornings when you know you've slept for a reasonable length of time, but you feel as though your head hasn't woken up.  It happened to me this morning, so in the end I decided to take my camera out on an outing to Wortley Hall - in my mind I thought there might be some fungi around so a put the macro lens on my Olympus camera, but as  it turned out I only saw one very small shrivelled fungi, so I decided to go for ICM.  No additional filter and not my usual wider angle lens - in fact the lens would be 120mm equivalent on my camera.  Any way it was a good change of plan - there's nothing quite like the immersive experience of a bit of ICM followed by rootling through the results to see if there is anything good enough to save.  I'm quite fond of this avenue of trees and now have quite a collection of them taken at different times through the year.

I did manage a couple of jobs before I left including paying a couple of my debts and getting in touch with a couple of friends, one of whom has ring me back just now.  And I had a lively discussion with Tony in the Post Office when I went to collect my yoghurt.

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