Apple Crisp a la Mode with Caramel Sauce

The remnants of Florida's hurricane hit us on this day, and it poured buckets and buckets all day long. I'll talk more about the rain in tomorrow's blip, as it's a big event and we haven't had any in a very long time!

A rainy day has its advantages, and one of them is that you can get a few things done inside the house. And on this day, my husband requested apple crisp, so in the afternoon, I took four apples, and I made us one. The house smelled delightful! All apples and sugar and cinnanomnomnom.

Now, in an amazing alignment of events, we also had ice cream in the house! For as I was sitting in the car at the Walmart parking lot after my dental work on Wednesday, feeling and acting a bit grumpy, my husband went inside and bought me the ice cream I told him I didn't want. (Clearly insanity possessed me at that moment; I was just feeling contrary.)

So for an evening snack, we had apple crisp. I heated mine up in the microwave, topped it with ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough was the flavor; a very good choice) and caramel sauce! Now, isn't that a sight for sore eyes! Come to Mama!!!

My soundtrack song can only be this one, and it goes out to the boy who bought me the ice cream I needed even when I said I didn't want it!: James Taylor, with How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You.

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