Stop! Foliage Time!

I take a daily walk. Sometimes my husband and I go places and walk somewhere else. But often, my walk is taken by myself, around the neighborhood where I live. I am more of a morning walker, for two reasons. (In summertime, it's three, the third being that the mornings are typically cooler.)

One reason is that I love morning light better probably than the light of any other time of day. The second is that if I have a thing I need to check off my list (like: go for a walk), I like to check off my "have-to-do" items as soon as possible. Yes, I'm retired, but still Type A!   ;-)

The foliage colors were slow to arrive this year, but they continue to linger on. Not so much in big swaths of gold anymore, but there are standout trees here and there, and the colors on the hills - oranges slowly turning to rust - still look mighty fine in the late afternoon light.

This is a view from my morning walk. I had been there and back again, and I was on the home stretch. When I get to that street up there by the stop sign, I'll turn left, and in one minute, maybe two, I'll be home! I could probably even CRAWL there if I had to! That's a pretty good feeling.

So let's just STOP for a minute just to look at how the sun has lit up those two wonderful trees in front of me. The one on the right is big and glorious and full of gold. The one to the left is glowing like rubies. All of this is mine, and yet none of it is. Am I rich as a king, or what?

Here's my soundtrack song: MC Hammer, with U Can't Touch This.

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