By Diarised

What a whopper!

It was an action packed start to the day and then a more leisurely end.

I started the day at the Tower for our Remembrance Day ringing. I do like the sound of half muffled bells and we rang them for a longer session than usual. We ended by standing each bell in turn, leaving the tenor tolling.

After that we headed to Costa for our usual coffee and UNO. I didn’t win a single game! Must do better next week or the wooden spoon will be winging my way.

Then Ian and Leo headed to Exeter to watch the latest Black Panther film. I took mum and dad out for lunch - we had a very yummy carvery.

After that I decided as it was looking like rain for the week I would make the most of the sunny afternoon and mow the lawn. It was hard going as it was all rather long and wet but at least I got to admire all the fungi that had risen from the compost in the flowers beds. This one was particularly impressive and had got so big, it had keeled over and snapped.

After that I ached everywhere so had a lazier latter part of the day, watching footie and crocheting away. The last minute winner by MUFC was particularly enjoyable.

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